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Tekirdag Rakisi Gold Series 1L

Tekirdag Rakisi Gold Series (1L)

Tekirdağ Rakısı is a premium brand of raki produced entirely from fresh grapes. Originally from the Tekirdağ region in Turkey, this distinctive spirit is created from fresh grape suma distilled with...
Tekirdag Rakisi 1L

Tekirdag Rakisi (1L)

Tekirdag Rakisi is made from suma produced with carefully selected fresh grapes and high-quality aniseed, distilled in special copper stills. Introduced in 2000 this is the first raki made with...
Yeni Raki 750ml

Yeni Raki (750ml)

The rich heritage of Yeni Rakı matches its rich flavor. With its tones of aniseed and distilled grapes, it is layered and dramatic. This flavor is created through a highly...
Efe Raki 750ml

Efe Raki (750ml)

Efe Raki is a clear brandy that is produced from grapes, raisins, and anise. It is similar to Greek Ouzo and French Pastis. When mixed with ice or water it...
Efe Raki Black 750ml

Efe Raki Black (750ml)

Made from grapes grown on Aegean soil then triple distilled with anise seeds to bring distinct smoothness to this traditional Turkish spirit. Licorice like on the palate, it can be...
Efe Raki Fresh Grape 750ml

Efe Raki Fresh Grape (750ml)

Efe Fresh Grape Raki is produced from fresh grapes ripening under the Aegean Sun, Efe Fresh Grape Raki has an indispensable taste for Raki lovers with a flavor that appeals...
Ouzo Al Asriya Greek Liquor 750ml

Ouzo Al Asriya Greek Liquor (750ml)

Ouzo Al Asriya Greek Aperitif / Dry Anise tasting Greek Liquor ABV: 40% Age Verification Required on Delivery: This product is not for sale to people under the age of 21. To...
Katsaros Ouzo Tirnavou 750ml

Katsaros Ouzo Tirnavou (750ml)

Ouzo Tirnavou is the first Ouzo ever created. Ouzo, which is recognized as Greece's national drink, was founded by Nikos Katsarou in 1856. Since that time, there have been many...
Ouzo 12 (750ml)

Ouzo 12 (750ml)

Ouzo 12 is the Ouzo with the extraordinary aroma of history and tradition. Every single bottle is representative of the soul of Greece. It took its name in 1880 at...
Romios Ouzo 750ml

Romios Ouzo (750ml)

Famous traditional Greek spirit of highest quality with anise taste made with addition of different herbs. Fresh aromas of aniseed and herbs; light to medium-bodied, quite fresh, it ends with...
Metaxa Ouzo (750ml)

Metaxa Ouzo (750ml)

In the early 1900s, the Metaxa distillery in Piraeus created many alcoholic drinks. Among them, the most popular Greek aperitif, ouzo. Ouzo by Metaxa based on the original recipe includes...
Giokarinis Ouzo 750ml

Giokarinis Ouzo (750ml)

The dry ouzo with the distinctive aromas of anis combined with the rich bouquet of aromatic herbs and seeds that awakens the senses. Ouzo of 100% distillation, created for the...