Mocel Ensamble Expression Artisanal Mezcal (750ml)
Mocel Ensamble Expression Artisanal Mezcal (750ml)

Mocel Ensamble Expression Artisanal Mezcal (750ml)


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Ensamble 2021 Expression’

100% Agave Cupreata, Inaequidens and Espadincillo An ensemble of three regional agaves from inland Michoacan along the Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt, this mezcal strikes bright floral and sweet notes. The Inaequidens agave used in the Ensamble takes at least 15 years before it can be harvested and distilled into mezcal. Only 582 bottles released in this limited batch. Mocel is crafted using artisanal methods. We run limited batches of agave expression so no two batches are identical. Just like our mezcal, each ceramic bottle is crafted by Mexican artisans to be beautifully distinct.

Agave Varietal


Cupreata (~8 years to maturity)

Inaequidens (~15 years to maturity)

SP - Espadincillo (~7 years to maturity)

Cooking Method

Underground volcanic stone oven


Wild fermentation in open pine wood vats


Wooden still, twice distilled

Batch Size

437 Liters


ABV: 47%

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